• We established Edari because we believe in empowering Human Capital to unlock the potential of industry

Setting up shop in the UAE
is a good move.

We can make it so much easier.
Edari combines international experience with local roots to help start-ups, freelancers and SME’s succeed in the UAE. We offer an impressive suite of services that makes establishing yourself in the region faster, easier, more profitable. Edari brings corporate efficiency, local connections and economies of scale to the independent business.

What you do and what we do.

You’re considering doing business in the UAE. You may already be here. You know this market has a bright future, huge potential and a dynamic business environment. You may need office space, banking, legal services, visas, compliance, staffing, invoicing or other back-office services. Or all of the above. And you need to build a network of local contacts to build your business.

“You do your thing. We’ll do
everything else…”

You can spend valuable time setting up your own local company or shopping around for individual services in the UAE. Or you can concentrate on your business and let us take care of the details with our wide range of services.



The Edari Vision is to grow along with our clients. We have a wide range of services designed for success and are committed to constantly adding new ones. Our present services include:


The combined experience of our team gives us an insider’s view of most major commercial and governmental sectors. Here are some of the sectors we serve.


Who you know is especially important when doing business in the UAE. The combined 80 years of experience under the Edari roof includes contacts and working relationships with major businesses in the UAE and the world. Our business and personal networks can create powerful synergies that can mean a world of difference for your business.

Our network includes airlines, banks, aerospace, construction, real estate, communications, utilities, investment, mining, oil and renewables.

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Tarkan Sami

Managing Partner – Search & Contracting

Tunji Abiola

Chief Financial Officer

Bal Brar

Managing Partner – Operations & Partnerships

Kem Cenan

Head of UK & Europe

Our team will help you concentrate on what you do best.
Our management team comes from major executive roles in both leading multinationals and upper-tier local organisations.
Their combined experience not only helps establish your business, but helps grow it as well with local connections and know-how.

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